Here is a selection of some of my pieces (Click on the image for a larger view)

Dark Sword’s “The Secret Garden”

Stephanie Law Erato and Kirin miniature sculpted by Patrick Keith


“Waiting for Prince Charming”

Reaper Miniatures Sleeping Beauty sculpted by Julie Guthrie

sleeping beauty (2)

Stonehaven’s Gnome Wizard

photo_1 (3)

Dark Sword Diorama  “Enchanted Melody” featuring

Dark Sword’s Male Warrior with Battle Axe sculpted by Jeff Grace and

Dark Sword’s Female Bard sculpted by Jeff Grace

Reaper’s Savage World Reverend Grimme

sculpted by Bob Ridolfi

Reverend Grimme Jan 2013

Privateer Press Morvahna the Autumnblade

photo (21)

Impact Minatures Hockey Defenseman

Sculpted by Mike Evans

Sidney Crosby Dec 2012 (5)

Reaper Miniatures King Thorgram sculpted by Werner Klocke

Reaper King Thorgram Sept 2014 (3)

Privateer Press Commander Adept Sebastion Nemo

Dark Sword Miniatures King Ploogak sculpted by Tom Meier

Dark Sword Miniatures Frog Jester sculpted by Dave Summers

Privateer Press The Butcher Unleashed

butcher unit (2)

My First Miniature (painted in 2003)

Reaper Miniatures  Catherine O’Mannon sculpted by Sandra Garrity

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