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  1. hey nice mini’s read someones blog and u said stuff which made sense, so need some advice from u or A, on varnishing not sure which product not sure to airbrush and also number of coats what product do u recommend ect. I’m in australia doin an ork/forge world army with multiple conversions and lots of xplosions and fire (luv that) and have about 20 vehicle models and crew ready for varnishing so uno if u guys have any info would be much ppreciated

    • I generally use one coat of Testor’s glosscote followed by two coats of Dullcote to seal all my minis. The dullcote gives it a matte finish and also for armies sealers will wear off so when they begin to look shiny you know to hit it up with more dullcote to protect them. I am not sure if it is available Australia though. A good airbrush sealer I would recommend is Vallejo sealers which Also come in glossy and matte. Good luck and if you need more information feel free to email me. Hope you have fun with your army.

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