Catching up 2015

Wow I have some catching up to do. I haven’t had much spare time lately but I did get some painting done this Fall and early winter.

I participated in two Reaper Miniature Exchanges on the Forums this year, both the Fall and Winter Exchange.  Since I managed to get my Winter Exchange sent out before Christmas I can include it for 2015. For the Fall Exchange I chose to paint Reaper Miniatures Hannah Blackruby sculpted by Werner Klocke. I love this sculpt she is super pretty with a beautiful face. I swapped her wand for a book but otherwise everything is just as it was sculpted. I wanted to try my hand at a darker olive skin tone and I loved it. I hope to use this skintone again soon. Here was the result. (Don’t forget to click on the photo for to make it larger)


For the winter exchange I chose Reaper Miniatures Ghost Bride. Since she is a ghost I wanted to stick to a fairly monochromatic scheme. I used mainly blueish grays and tried to give her dress a bit of textured and old look to the paint work. This also gave me an excuse to practice an odd skintone to give a bit more warmth to her skin I shaded it will a dark pink to separate her skin from the cloth. Here she is on a display base.


And as a gaming piece.


I also accomplished a few more Khador miniatures including Zerkova for a friend’s army and a unit of Doom Reavers for my own. I really had some fun with Zerkova’s base adding some icicles and water effect.

August 2015 PP Zerkova

August 2015 PP Zerkova (4)

Oct 2015 Doom Reaver group

Since 2015 is just about finished. I look forward to a new year of painting in 2016 hopefully with new challenges and fun miniatures to paint. I hope to push the limits of my painting and achieve some beautiful minis next year. Happy Painting everyone and I wish you all a wonderful New Year.

~ by liviasminiatures on December 30, 2015.

3 Responses to “Catching up 2015”

  1. Super-awesome all around. I’m jealous of whoever will receive that Ghost Bride. Doomies look fantastic – I’m hoping to get some one day, but those swords will drive me bonkers. And I still can’t believe how fantastic you made Z’s cloak look.

  2. Greylords Ternion or Outriders? I have a unit of Ternions that should be getting here on Thursday (via Christmas gift cards).

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