Home from Gen Con 2015

Wow, Gen Con was a whirlwind of excitement and fun. Of course we had a blast and wished we could’ve stayed longer, but I am glad to be home. This year was my first year teaching and I hope all my students enjoyed the class, I know I did. I learned from both classes and hope to refine my teaching skills for next year. All my students did quite well painting and I hope to see some emails of finished photos of their minis soon.

All my events I was able to attend (Unfortunately I was a bit ill and had to lighten my schedule a bit to keep up) were great and tons of fun. Here are a couple photos from my speed paints, they are always fun you get a miniature to keep and of course the opportunity to chat with a few other painters while you do it.

speed paint (4)

Speed Paint


I did quite a bit of shopping this year and was able to chat with a  few great people in the vendor hall. As always I had to visit Jim Ludwig in the Dark Sword booth not only to pick up some miniatures but to chat with him and Jessica Rich. I scored all of the new Dark Sword goodness and even a few extras of the Tony Diterlizzi minis while I wait for my kickstarter ones to arrive. And since Tony Diterlizzi was the artist Guest of Honor I was even able to have him sign a couple of the miniature blisters, while I picked up an art print. I brought home lots of loot as you can see.


Oh and I was lucky enough to bring home a few awards as well. This year had so many beautiful miniatures and I feel honored to be among the few who brought home an award. My Dark Sword Euterpe Muse  “Spring of Music” piece was given a Gold and placed 2nd in the Diorama category and also chosen for 2nd place for the Dark Sword Manufacturer award.

Euterpe (4)

Euterpe (5)Euterpe (2)


I also entered my Cathedral of the Forest piece into the Single Figure Category and brought home a Silver.

Cathdral of the Forest

This year was a special year for the painting competition at Gen Con as Marike Reimer put together a special category to support the LGBT community called the Rainbow Brush. The response and support were amazing. It was touching to see the community come together and it was quite clear how much work Marike put into running the event. My own humble entry to the Rainbow Brush was Dark Sword’s Ser Loras painted as Lord Commander of Renly’s Rainbow Guard. He was always awarded a Silver and picked by Marike herself for a Judge’s Choice award for the Rainbow Brush.

Rainbow Brush

Rainbow brush (3)

I feel so lucky to have done so well this year and must Thank everyone who helps organize the competition as well as all the companies who offer prize support. I also thank all the awesome artists who bring amazing miniatures to the show and also so freely offer advice and feedback.

Overall Gen Con was a raging success and I hope to keep in touch with so many people new and old. Can’t wait until next year.

~ by liviasminiatures on August 3, 2015.

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  1. Congratulations! It looks like you had a lot of fun! 🙂

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