A few Random Reaper Minis

I have been working on painting more this year and to assist with this I have joined the Resolution Challenge on the Reaper Forums. So far it has really helped me paint more miniatures this year. even if a few are quick paint jobs or speed paints.

I thought I would share a few that I accomplished this year so far the first is Reaper Miniature’s Pathfinder Kirin the Heretic. I painted him up for a friend’s character in our current RPG. Since he is likely to get beat up a bit on the table I painted him fairly quickly but overall am happy with the result considering the time invested. I gave his base a bit of flair and added a piece of broken wall he is a rogue after all and hides quite a bit. (click image for full size)

Reaper Kirin Feb 2015 (2)


Then during a board game night my gaming group challenged me to speed paint a mini while playing five tribes and to make it a bit sweeter if I managed it and also won the game my DM said he would give us a level bonus.

So I figured why not I washed him in some soap and water, dried him off and got to painting. To my surprise I did manage to win the game by about 35 points. Not to mention now our wizard will have a painted figure for his character.

Without further ado here is Kieran Tallowmire a fun bones mini with lots of detail. He has a little over 2 hours in him, although I easily could’ve spent much more to clean him up a bit and pick out more details. I am looking forward to picking up his upcoming metal release and taking my time painting him again.

Bones Wizard Jan 2015

And lastly I speed painted some bugbears as well recently. I received my Bones II from Reaper’s Kickstarter and went to sorting out the monsters first. Of course once I finished sorting them I had to get a start on at least some of them. So I washed up the bugbears and painted all six in about 4 hours. They are certainly not terribly pretty and since they are bones I left the mold lines, but now we have a fair amount of painted bugbears for future encounters. I must say I am quite happy with the quality of their sculpts overall and they are easy speed paints.

Bones Bugbears Feb 2015

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