Dixie Lost Glimmer of Hope Under a Small Mossy Rock – Commission Piece

After posting my first Stonehaven Gnome Wizard a fellow gamer asked me if I would paint another for his Forest Gnome Illusionist. I quite enjoyed painting this fellow up the first time and his character was so awesome I just had to paint one to bring Dixie to life for him. I need to Thank his new owner Chris for all his ideas and inspiration as without them Dixie would not have turned out as awesome as he did.

Working on this piece was a joy the entire way through from brainstorming with Chris on color and base ideas to finishing up all the final details to really make him pop. This tiny miniature has loads of character and finishing up a second only made me want another for myself. This time I had a bit more room with his base and was able to add a little squirrel made by Reaper Miniatures and of course as his name suggests some moss covered rocks.

The base really helped this tiny figure shine and allowed me to add a bunch of interesting details making him look all the more as if he is standing in the middle of lush forest.

Without further ado here are some of the pictures I took of Dixie before sending him on his long trek to Canada. Be sure to click on them to view full size.




side 1

side view

Expect to see more of Dixie as I shall be using his beard Work in Progress for part of my hair tutorial that I plan on writing up after the Holidays.  Thank you to Stonehaven for making this awesome little gnome sculpt and of course again to Chris who allowed me to bring his character to life and inspired me to paint this version of him.

~ by liviasminiatures on November 23, 2014.

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