Reaper Fall Miniature Exchange 2014

I am participating in two miniature exchanges this fall. The one is Reaper Miniatures Fall Exchange on the Reaper Forums and the Secret Santa Exchange on the Privateer Press Forums. Exchanges are always fun as it pushes me to paint a miniature I may not normally pick and I get an awesome painted miniature in exchange.

I will not have my partner information for Privateer Press until October, but I already received my information for the Reaper exchange and have mailed out the miniature. My exchange partner really hoped for a Dwarf miniature with a long beard. After going through my collection of unpainted miniatures I had several to choose from, and like always decided to go to the Game Store just to see what they may have. Normally I would then come home with a few more miniatures just in case my mood changed on what to paint. This time I only came home with one, Reaper Miniatures King Thorgram sculpted by Werner Klocke. I have painted many beautiful ladies sculpted by Werner Klocke, but never one of his dwarves. I must say King Thorgram was sculpted just as nicely with lots of details to his face and hair. So naturally I wanted his face and beard to be the main focal point of the miniature with his bird as a second.

When I got home I opened him up and immediately scrutinized the miniature looking for mold lines that may pose problems and to my satisfaction the sculpt was very clean with no major flaws. So I went to work to prep and prime him. I always try especially for miniatures that may be handled frequently to allow the primer to cure overnight before painting. So I decided to work on color schemes for him.Since the fellow Reaper forum members call me the “mistress of crimson Tresses” I of course wanted to go with red hair. With his bird I pictured him being used as a druid or ranger (sans bow), so ultimately I settled with green and brown,
with gold accents.

I really enjoyed painting King Thorgram and I hope that shows with how he turned out. Presenting King Thorgram Dwarf Master of the Forest.

Reaper King Thorgram Sept 2014 (3)

Reaper King Thorgram Sept 2014 (4)

Reaper King Thorgram Sept 2014 bird closeup

Once I receive my exchange miniature I will post photos of what I received and share how
I painted the good King’s face and hair. I hope the reciepent likes him and has as much
fun with the exchange as I have.

Now to wait a few more days for my Privateer Press exchange information. I can’t wait to get started.

~ by liviasminiatures on September 28, 2014.

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