Stonehaven Gnome Wizard

I recently completed Stonehaven’s Gnome wizard that I painted for our upcoming D&D campaign. He shall be a forest gnome illusionist. I hope to paint up a few more character minis within the next few weeks before we start.

In honor of Stonehaven’s newest kickstarter for Half Orc Adventurers I wanted to give him his own post. Today is the last day to back the Half Orc’s campaign and show your support to Stonehaven. I met Petra and Mike at Gen Con and they were great. So friendly and excited to have their own booth. I even picked up a few of their miniatures that I had not owned yet.

Stonehaven has a very unique style and so far I love all of their races and hope to see more. So if you haven’t checked out their Half Orc Kickstarter please do so and see if there is anything you like.

Without further ado here is my Forest Gnome all painted up and ready to hit the game table.

gnome illusionist3

And a scale shot of him posing with Dark Sword’s Castle of Deception female wizard and Reaper’s Anwyn female bard.

resized scale

~ by liviasminiatures on September 20, 2014.

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