Gen Con 2014

I know I am a bit late with a Gen Con post but better late than never. Gen Con was a blast this year as always, there was so much to see and do. I always try to experience a little bit of everything from RPG’s, board games, miniature hobby events and of course shopping. This year was a big year for Wizards of the Coast with the new D&D being released, they did not disappoint their events were well run and a lot of fun. Mike Mearls even took time out to sign my Player’s Handbook and I had the opportunity to trade pins with Chris Tulach scoring an awesome D&D ampersand pin. My husband even brought home a signed Monster Manual from the D&D All Access Pass.
monster manual

We also brought home lots of new board games to try such as Hyperborea, Subdivision, Shadowrun Crossfire, Sheriff of Nottingham and a few others. So far I only had a chance to try a two player Hyerborea and I am glad I picked it up, once I get the chance to play it with a few more people I will try to write a review to share. I also picked up some new Privateer Press miniatures for my factions and of course I couldn’t resist buying more Dark Sword Miniatures. Jim Ludwig of Dark Sword is always so generous and contributes so much to the hobby that I always am sure to stop by his booth to chat with him and the lovely Jessica Rich.

Speaking of Dark Sword my only entry for the MHE competition was a diorama featuring George RR Martin’s Lady Olenna, Margaery Tyrell and Cersei Lannister. The idea was to have Margaery and Lady Olenna walking through the gardens of King’s Landing and Cersei spying on the future queen.
Gencon Diorama

I was quite happy with how it turned out and was lucky enough to place 1st in the open category this year for dioramas. Gen Con had a format change for the competition this year having a master’s category and open category, after much debate and talking with Jessica Rich about my painting level,, I opted to enter in the Open Category as it is a better fit for me. There were so many beautiful pieces entered this year and the competition was tough across all of the categories. If only I had a camera that could capture the pieces in the display case.

I took a single figure for the Privateer Press P3 competition and brought home a bronze with Lieutenant Allister Caine. Here is a photo of him in the case at the Privateer Press booth.
pp bronze win

The speed paints were a blast this year.. I moved on to the Championship round for Dark Sword and was lucky enough to best the Beautiful Marike Reimer and take 1st place. Here my husband captured a photo of us trying to paint our figure. The best part was posing with Marike after and getting a special certificate from Marike with her picture stating I beat her fair and square at a speed paint.
speed paint with marike

Marike and me

Overall the show and all the events I had the honor to participate in were awesome. I was lucky enough to have a few friends join us this year and everyone had a fantastic time. Thank you to everyone that helps make the convention happen and thank you to all the people that make it feel like home.

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