A few commission pieces

I wanted to showcase a few miniatures I have recently painted for some fellow gamers. The first three are all Reaper minis that I painted up as vampires. They were a lot of fun to paint and a bit out of my comfort zone.

My favorite of the three was 03090 Ilkhan the Bloody sculpted by Werner Klocke. He really let me practice the vampire skin tone with all his flesh showing and I had a bit of fun with blood effects to make him look as if he was in the midst of battle. His sculpt really portrays movement and I thought the blood would make him look as if he was just spinning around after slaying one enemy to engage another.

Ilkhan May 2014

I also painted 3345 Ridley Darkedge sculpted by Julie Guthrie and 3496 Castrus Vile sculpted by Guy England. All three sculpts were new to me I have never noticed them in the Reaper Catalog and each had their own character and charm.

ridley Commission May 2014
ridley Commission May 2014 (2)

Castrus Commission May 2014 final
Castrus Commission May 2014  (2)
CastrusCommission May 2014 final - Copy

I enjoyed painting all three and really loved being pushed out of my comfort zone to experiment with alternate skin tones and look forward to painting more Vampires in the future. The recipient loved them and I couldn’t be happier that they have a great home and will be displayed on the game table.

Just before painting up some Vampires I had been asked by a fellow forum member on Privateer Press to paint some Khador Doom Reavers. I very much enjoy Warmachine and have quite a few factions myself; however Khador was not one of them. I enjoyed the Doom Reavers so much that I couldn’t help myself and ordered up a Butcher Unleased to start a small force for Khador.

I didn’t take as many photos of the Doom Reavers as I should have prior to sending them off but here are a few photos , wish I had a better group shot but I did remember to take one group shot quickly before boxing them up.

doom reaver leader
doom reaver 3
doom reaver 5
Khador doom reavers commission March 2014

Again the recipient was quite happy with them and I hope they serve him well in future games and tournaments.

I enjoyed painting each and everyone of the miniatures and its a joy painting for others and hearing how much they love the minis. Now on to some miniatures for my own game table. Happy Painting and Gaming everyone.

~ by liviasminiatures on May 18, 2014.

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