Reaper Bones II Kickstarter

The new Bones Kickstarter is in its last few days. And I wanted to take a moment to post about it in case anyone is on the fence about backing it. The amount of miniatures in the core set at this point is a very good value and has lots of great sculpts in it. Also the variety of add ons is great and I would think that any miniature collector or gamer could find something that excites them. I know there are quite a few that I intend to pick up and even a few that I know will be great gifts.

I was a backer of the first Kickstarter and am quite happy with all the miniatures I received from it. Although the project delivered late much like most kickstarters I have backed the entire experience was great and I have no complaints. Out of all the miniatures I received only one was missing from the Vampire set and I received an extra of another so to me it was a wash. My only regret from the first kickstarter is not picking up all the add ons. However I owned two Bones figures prior to the first kickstarter and knew that the material was different from metal or resin. They take a little getting used to but are perfect miniatures for gaming as they are very durable and risk much less chance of breaking if dropped.

I have been painting my Bones for our RPG group and have found the experience rewarding and the material to be perfect for gaming. They paint up without primer and do not need sealed, just be sure to scrub them with soap and water first.

For anyone who has not seen the Kickstarter for Bones II check it out and see if there is something for you and join us in the madness of unlocking new goals.

And here are a few of my quick and dirty paint jobs of some Bones from the first kickstarter.

Bones Scorpions Sept 2013 (2)


Bones beetle swarm August 2013


Bones Rats July 2013 24 total painted


Bones Lysette Sept 2013

~ by liviasminiatures on October 22, 2013.

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