Gen Con Indy 2013 Part 1 – The Miniatures

Gen Con was so much fun this year I tried to schedule less events so I would have more time to enjoy things like the exhibit hall and auction. There were so many vendors I wanted to check out and people to meet.  I also tried to remember to take more photos, but I never seem to have enough when I get home.

The Gen Con miniature painting competition this year had so many great entries by many amazing painters; I could’ve spent so much more time just admiring all the pieces. The privateer press booth was also filled with an enormous number of entries for the P3 Grandmaster Competition, all of which were beautiful.  I luckily got to spend some time this year talking with Jessica Rich and I got to see her Best in Show entry up close prior to the competition. It was breathtaking and was a deserved win for her. Jessica is such a talented painter and all her miniatures are tiny masterpieces.

With all the amazing entries this year I was honored to place 3rd in the George RR Martin category with my Sansa building a snow castle diorama. As an added award Jim Ludwig of Dark Sword Miniatures asked me after the competition if he could purchase this piece for his collection.  It is a great feeling that some of my miniatures are part of Jim’s collection. I only wish I had better photos of this diorama as I had a terrible time taking photos of this piece as all the snow really messed with the white balance of the camera.



I also brought home a bronze medal from the P3 Grandmaster Painting Competition for my Morvahna the Autumnblade. I am slowly trying to build a Circle of Orboros army that I can field and hopefully look pretty on the table. Morvahna was my choice for my first 25 point list so I thought I would take the time to do my best while painting her up.

photo (21)


The speed paints were fun as always and I really appreciate all the hard work all of the MHE coordinators put in to making the Miniature Hobby events great. A special shout out to Debbie at the speed paints for all her dedication to making the speed paints fun and spending so much of her convention making them possible. I love getting a miniature at the speed paints and trying to up my game at painting in only 45 minutes.

This year I only scheduled two painting classes as I was trying to not have such a packed schedule. I took Rhonda Bender’s painting OSL (other source lighting) class and Dave Pauwels True Metallics. Some years I think it would be great just to schedule painting classes and take everything I would like, but then I wouldn’t have time for gaming events.  I took some classes from Rhonda last year so I knew it would be a great class and she did not disappoint this year. Rhonda’s ability to explain what she does and show us is great. She is a terrific painter and a wonderful person, her classes are a joy. I also love her handouts and hands on approach to teaching. I will be hoping to use OSL on my circle army soon and this class was invaluable for that.

Dave’s True Metallics class was a much needed class for me as I usually avoid metallic paint as I can never paint it smoothly or realistically. He was very personable and shared lots of tips for us during his class. He also gave us two of his washes that he uses on gold and silver metals. I can’t wait to try them out soon.

I also spent some time this year chatting with other miniature painters and really enjoyed meeting new people. I hope to do more of this next year. I can’t wait for next year and am beginning to toss around some ideas for another diorama.  Next August can’t come soon enough.


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