Bombshell Babes Miniatures Arrived

I had backed Patrick Keith’s project on Kickstarter for his new miniature line Bombshell Babes. I didn’t make a large pledge as I really wanted two of the babes and his sidekicks. After receiving the miniatures I will pick some more up at retail when he releases them for sale on his website

Here is a photo of my babes and sidekicks.

IMG_2397 (640x476)

The miniatures are really detailed and sculpted wonderfully. I will be painting up Dusty(the cowgirl) first.

Here she is before I did any work to her.

IMG_2394 (577x640)

Overall she is simple so I hope to paint her up next weekend and post her finished product. She will fit in perfectly with my Deadlands minis. Can’t wait to see how she paints up.

~ by liviasminiatures on April 8, 2013.

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