Reverend Grimme of Deadlands

The first official miniature I painted in 2013 is Reaper’s  Savage World Reverend Grimme (59001).  Since Reaper announced the line of Savage World minis, I have been purchasing every Deadlands miniature they release. I love Classic Deadlands and even though I am not playing it currently I hope to eventually paint the entire line.

I wanted something fun and quick to paint up for the New Year so when I looked in my Deadlands drawer I figured what other way to start then with the first one I bought of the line. The Reverend was a joy to paint as he has so much character in his face. I wanted to stick with the black clothes he is typically pictured in, and it also helped me work on painting black which is quite difficult. I spent about 4 hours painting him and probably another hour prepping him and making his base. I plan on having all my Deadlands minis based similar so I chose a simple desert theme for the base.

Reverend Grimme Jan 2013 Reverend Grimme Jan 2013 (3)


After looking at images of old bibles I decided to keep his book simple and paint it up like old leather with an embossed cross. I almost added words but felt it would look too busy so opted to leave it alone. I am quite happy with how he turned out and hopefully with get to paint a few more Deadlands minis this year.

~ by liviasminiatures on January 24, 2013.

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