Dark Sword’s Game of Thrones Tyrion Lannister (28mm) Work in Progress

I am currently painting up Tyrion Lannister as a surprise gift for a friend. I haven’t yet decided how to base him, but I would like to find some tiny gold coins to scatter on his base.  I am taking my time with him as he is really small and he will be a gift.

I want to include some of the tips I learned at Gen Con in the process of painting him, so to start I took my time in filing his mold lines and then went a step further than my usual prep and sanded him with a fine grade sandpaper. This did help cut down on the fine lines my files left and made him much smoother.  After sanding him I washed him off with soap and water then attached him to my primer top to prime him. Here is my first WIP shot, Tyrion prepped and cleaned before primer.

I used white primer and put on three very thin coats as to try to not obscure detail. After his primer dried overnight, I then took my Reaper Master Series Brown Liner and blocked in where I think may be difficult to reach. I picked up Dark Sword’s new DVD featuring Marike Reimer at Gen Con and just finished the first disc in it she shows this technique of painting where she wants to be sure no white will be showing through in the final product.  So far the DVD has a lot of information in it and Marike shows off her techniques of painting and paints a few minis in front of the camera for the viewer to see how she does it. I was lucky enough last year to grab tickets to two of Marike’s classes at Gen Con and I hope this DVD helps show me even more of her miniature painting techniques and tips to help push my painting further. But back on topic here is Tyrion after he was primed and his hard to reach spots were blocked in.

Next, I started his face and skin. He doesn’t have a lot of skin showing other than his face, neck and hands. I base coated his skin with Reaper’s Tanned Shadow, in the shadows I mixed Tanned Shadow with Chestnut Brown and worked the highlights up to Tanned Highlight. After his skin I base coated his hair a dark blonde color I customed mixed. It may still need another base coat at this point, but I had to let it dry completely. I also added in his eyes, one green and one brown, for now I am finished with his face until I complete more of the mini and decide if the highlight should go higher. His hands were also started but not finished yet.

I hope to work on him a little bit more tomorrow since it is Labor Day, but after that I doubt I’ll have time until next weekend. Overall I’m happy with how he is started. Any suggestions please comment and let me know so Tyrion can look his best.

~ by liviasminiatures on September 3, 2012.

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