Gen Con Indy 2012 Part 2 – The games

I believe anyone could go to Gen Con and find a game they would like to play even if they are not a gamer. There is so much to do and a wide variety of games represented there. I never feel as if I get to play enough games while I am there, but with so much to do you can’t do everything. Thursday I spend quite a bit of my time in the Dealer’s Hall looking at the new games being offered and of course waiting in line. I managed to get a copy of the Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying game from Privateer Press this year. The line was immense so I imagine this was a priority for quite a few. While I was at the PP booth, I also scored both convention exclusive miniatures, which I can’t wait to paint.

Also on Thursday, I played in a D&D Next event play testing the new rules. I like what they are doing with D&D and am excited to see how it unfolds as they get closer to debuting the new system. I may be one of the few people who appreciate both 3rd edition and 4th edition and hope to see a little more of 4th edition involved with D&D Next. The event itself was good not great, we had an hour and a half to make a character and run a short delve. The character creation should have been a separate event that you could do prior to your run or use a pregen for the delve if you didn’t have time to do so. Overall though the DM was great and we got a good feel for the direction that D&D is going in. I look forward to seeing the new edition being released and hope it brings in new gamers to join the fun.

The only other RPG I got to play in at the Con was Bladerunner Press’s Deadlands ran by Gene Cramer. We had a blast and really enjoyed it, the characters were a lot of fun with lots of personality. I also got to meet a few of the people from the Gen Con forum which is always fun. I really like classic Deadlands and hope my husband will run it again for our group soon as it is a fun and diverse setting.

The only disappointing event for me this year was True Dungeon. Two of our friends attended Gen Con for the first time and we treated them to a run of True Dungeon. Unfortunately, so much of the fun of this event depends on the rest of the party. The group dynamic was not good this year and 10 players was too many. The rooms were far too crowded the puzzles were difficult to do because too many people were trying to read the clues and getting in the way of others.  I used to really enjoy True Dungeon but I believe I could spend my time doing other things at the convention and have an equally great time.

Of course, my husband and I came home with lots of new games which over the next few weeks we will have to try out and share with friends. Hopefully before long we will be preparing for Gen Con 2013.

~ by liviasminiatures on August 22, 2012.

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