Gen Con Indy 2012 Part 1 – The Miniatures

Gen Con is over and it was a blast. The show was awesome this year and my only regret is not getting to do more.  It is a shame I’ll have to wait an entire year for 4 awesome days of gaming in Indianapolis. This was my ninth time attending Gen Con and each year I think I have more fun than the last.

So much to talk about so I’ll start with the miniature side of things. I was lucky enough to get into two of Rhonda Bender’s MHE (Miniature Hobby Events) events and one of Zach Lanier. My first class was Rhonda’s Blending and Transitions, she did a wonderful job showing me her style of blending and I hope to try to practice it and put my own spin on it very soon. I also took her Painting Transparent Cloth, which is very hard; she of course makes it look simple. Rhonda was super nice and engaging during her classes and I wish I could’ve spent more time learning some of her tips and tricks at miniature painting.

On Saturday I took Zach’s Intermediate to Advanced Techniques Part one. He took us through all the steps from choosing the mini, prepping and of course basing. I always try to take one of Zach’s classes as he is a terrific teacher and always shares some of his secrets during his classes. Not to mention we get to see many of his pieces up close and really get to appreciate all the detail and work he puts into each one.

I hope to do a Work in Progress soon on a miniature to show all the new things I learned this year from all the MHE events.

I also made a few trips to the Dark Sword booth this year chatting with Jim Ludwig the owner, his miniatures are beautiful and I love painting them. He had the lovely Jessica Rich working at his booth this year and Tom Meier was there to chat with fans. I was lucky enough to talk with Jessica and have her critique my work.  I really appreciated everything she had to say and hope to begin to incorporate some of her suggestions into my new pieces.

I was lucky enough this year to win 2nd place in the Diorama category with my Dark Sword Diorama “Enchanted Melody”. I also placed second in the Dark Sword manufacturer prize category with it. I loved this piece and I am glad it won over the judges and allowed me to take home two awards. Also it will be joining the Dark Sword studio pieces as Jim purchased it from me at the show. I am truly honored to have a piece of my work in the Dark Sword collection and can’t wait to see it next year in the Dark Sword booth.

I also brought home a silver medal from Privateer Press’s P3 painting competition for my Commander Adept Nemo. I painted him up for my husband’s army and decided at the last minute to take him with me to Gen Con. I am glad I did, as he will join my Circle of Orboros Kaya in my display case who earned me a silver medal last year. Of course, they both will still see the game table when we are playing Warmachine and Hordes.

Both the Gen Con painting competition and the P3 competition had many great pieces to admire. I always spend a lot of time looking at all the amazing pieces.  You can check out the winning entries from Gen Con’s painting competition at

In the dealer’s hall there was a large presence of miniature manufactures with their minis and new games as well. I spent time looking at quite a few and ended up with a ton more minis to add to my collection to unpainted figures. As always I wish I could’ve purchased more but alas only so much resources and space.

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