Origins Game Fair 2012

This weekend I made it down to Columbus to enjoy Origins. I only was able to attend Friday and Saturday, but still had a blast. I enjoy going to Origins it’s like a warm up for Gencon.  This was my 2nd time at Origins the first being two years ago. Friday was a much quieter day overall, giving me plenty of time to look around and really take in the entire convention.

I entered the painting competition and was honored to take home 2nd place in the single figure category. There were plenty of great entries in all the categories and I enjoyed the experience.  I painted up Darksword’s Frog Jester just in time finishing him Thursday around Midnight.


He was a lot of fun to paint this is my 2nd piece featuring the Darksword frog line and I love them all they have so much personality. I was inspired by Marike Reimer’s version and hoped to capture a little of that in my jester. I used a blue and orange color scheme for him and really struggled with the orange. This was the first miniature I have painted with a bright orange and learned a lot from it.

I also had the opportunity to sit down with the wonderful Sandra Garrity for a basic sculpting class on Saturday. I have never attempted to sculpt before and hoped this class would help me with my conversions. I learned a lot from Sandra and she was such a nice teacher. Looking at some of the bits she had with her that she sculpted was amazing and to watch her work really was inspiring.

Also on Saturday I played in an Ascension match and was happy to walk away victorious. It was a simple two-hour match up, but I did come home with a free Ascension t-shirt, honor bag, and promo cards. Wizards of the Coast were also previewing their Dungeon Command and I must say it looks fun. I hope to pick up a copy when they release and get a chance to play it. It comes with prepainted plastic minis, dungeon tiles and even cards to use the minis in their Adventure system board games.  The tiles and minis looked to be of a good quality and could be utilized in many ways.

Of course, while I was there I picked up some new minis and a couple new paints.  My favorite purchase however was my command stick from Geek Chic. Now I have a matching command stick for when I play war games on my Geek Chic Spartan. Overall I had a great time at Origins and can’t wait to go again next year. Now the final countdown to Gencon really begins.

~ by liviasminiatures on June 3, 2012.

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