Super Dungeon Explore Mage: Part 3 Finished

I finally finished my Mage. I actually got her finished last weekend just haven’t gotten around to photographing her.

Since my goal was to complete her in 4-5 hours I rushed a little in finishing her. Overall she turned out good for tabletop quality.

Hour five: I quickly painted up her staff. I wanted to try my new vallego alcohol solid gold. I don’t think I stirred it quite enough but it went on quickly and covered well. I had broken her staff off and had to re-glue it in place bending it a little while doing so. Then I painted to ball of her staff with Reaper Master Series paint highlands moss and jungle moss.

I also began her base. I used some grey stuff and tried sculpting it like a dungeon floor.

Hour six: I used black primer on her base then drybrushed it with a light grey and painted on some yellow runes.

Now since she is off the painting table I will be starting a few minis to enter at Gencon.

~ by liviasminiatures on April 4, 2012.

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