Chifri Gnome Wizard

I recently repainted a miniature that I painted in 2008. I have certainly learned a lot since then.  The mini is Reaper’s 3340 Cassie, Female Gnome. When I first painted her, she took about 3 hours or so. This time I put about 8 hours into painting her. She is still going to be for tabletop play but I wanted her to have much more depth.  I changed the color scheme a little going a bit darker with her as she is a character for my husband. Her name is Chifri and she is a gnome fire mage.  Here is the new version.(click on image for full size)

I have been working on trying to improve my skin tone and I think her skin turned out well. I used Reaper Master Series Tanned Shadow, Fair Skin, and Chestnut Brown.  Her corset and pants started as black and was highlighted up to Misty Grey. I had the most fun painting her corset and enjoyed painting the gold trim.

Here is the first version I painted in December 2008.

This was one of the first minis I painted after buying some Reaper paints, and I went a little crazy with the pinks. Looking back at her now, I see her arm and finger on her left hand was bent and should’ve been corrected prior to being painted. I was so proud of this mini when I painted her the first time and l am glad I got around to painting a new version of her.

This miniature is quite small and has a lot of personality. I may paint her again someday if I get the chance and use her in a diorama. I can picture her commanding a small mouse army.  Hopefully she’ll look great on the table representing Chifri.

~ by liviasminiatures on February 16, 2012.

2 Responses to “Chifri Gnome Wizard”

  1. This mini looks great! I’m painting my own “Cassie, gnome wizard” now, and I hope my results are as good as yours!

  2. Thank you and good luck with your mini. Would love to see your Cassie when you finish her up.

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