Super Dungeon Explore Mage: Work in Progress Part 2

I worked on my Mage for about two more hours last night. I changed my mind about using black as a trim I feel the purple and black combo would make her too dark unless I lightened up the purple. So instead, I choose yellow. Here is a photo of what she looks like now.

Hour three: I finished up her Monarch Purple base coat and began painting her trim. I choose pale yellow for her trim and used Reaper Master Series Blond Hair for my base coat. I really like the Blond Hair from Reaper as it is a much smoother yellow than most and I find myself using it for items other than hair often. At this point, I had to touch up her hair where I got some yellow on it. I was concerned this would happen and so I didn’t finish her hair yet.  I also used a dark grey and started her boots.

Hour four: While waiting for the trim to dry I added some dark green to my Monarch Purple and added in some shadows. I am not taking the highlights and shadows very far on her, as she is a tabletop mini. Then I choose a light green for her runes on her hat. The runes are somewhat sculpted on her hat. The casting has lost some of the runes so I freehanded the ones where her band gets smaller toward the back of her head. I also added some runes on the front sections of her dress along with a yellow border.

At this point I feel like some freehand would be nice on her hat but I don’t want her to look too cartoony so I probably won’t add any. I also haven’t started her staff at all yet. There are a few things on her I would like to go back and fix, however, with four hours already clocked on her I will need to move on for now so I can try to meet my goal of finishing her in 4-5 hours. I am pretty sure regardless I will go over 5 hours but hopefully not a great deal.  Maybe this evening I will finish her unless I pick up my PlayStation’s controller and play Skyrim in which case I doubt I will pull myself away from the game to go paint.

~ by liviasminiatures on January 15, 2012.

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