Super Dungeon Explore Mage: Work in Progress Part 1

Last weekend life got in the way and I was unable to paint as I had hoped. That being the case, last night I broke out my brushes and started the Mage I’ve had on my workbench. I worked on her for about two hours. This is what she looks like so far.

Hour one: I worked on her skin tone and face. I used Reaper Master Series Tanned Shadow, Tanned Highlight and a little bit of Fair Skin. I didn’t make her skin tones as dramatic as some minis I have painted, mostly to keep the anime feel.

For her eyes, I used Brown Liner, Linen White and Pale Indigo with a little highlight of Pure White. I really enjoy painting anime style eyes because of the large area you have to work with, however; they take a bit longer.

Hour two: All I did in the second hour was base coat her red hair with Reaper Master Series Auburn Red and started her hat and robes with Monarch Purple. Her hair has about three coats of my base color to achieve an even look. The purple I only have one coat so far, it will most likely take two more.

So far I’m happy with how she is turning out I’m trying not to be too fussy as I am hoping to spend only 4-5 hours on her total. I intend to have her painted up to tabletop quality. When I first started prepping this mini I was a bit disappointed with the casting issues. She had a large mold line running down the center of her face and I was having difficulty removing it. Luckily, after getting some paint on the mini it isn’t very noticeable now.  I have not decided on the trim color for her. I was thinking of making her a bit darker and using black as a trim with silver accents. Hopefully I will work on her later today and finish her up.

~ by liviasminiatures on January 14, 2012.

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