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Welcome to Livia’s Miniatures, the blog where I will post my current projects in miniature painting. I have been painting miniatures since 2003 when I painted my first character for D&D. I have learned quite a bit since then and hope to share it with you. I started to paint more seriously in 2009 making it a hobby I try to do regularly.

I am continuously learning how to paint better, and with each miniature I try to take what I learn and apply it to the mini of course not always successfully. I have attended a few classes of award winning painters in the industry. For instance Marike Reimer, Zach Lanier, Alison Scheirman, John Bonnot and Derek Schubert .I am always amazed at seeing their work up close and personal as it is always breathtaking.  Not to mention the advice they give is invaluable.

I have also been a gamer dating back to 1996 when I first started playing Magic: the Gathering. Unless of course you count Mario and Zelda on the NES which was long before that. Now I play a wide variety of games including rpg’s, board games, wargames, video games, and card games both collectible and living.

As always I have lots of miniatures on my worktable that I have started or unpackaged and planned to start. Currently I have Reaper’s Pathfinder Red Dragon assembled and just about ready to prime. Also Super Dungeon Explore’s Human Mage and many others. I  hope to tackle the mage this weekend as I think she should be a quick paint job. Then hopefully onto the dragon. It will be the first large miniature I ever painted. I hope to use the dragon in a diorama. For now I am having difficulty figuring out how to secure him while I paint especially since I am uncertain on how his final base will end up.

Tonight however is game night and instead of our current Savage World campaign I believe we are playing some board games, should be fun.

~ by liviasminiatures on January 6, 2012.

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