Catching up 2015

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Wow I have some catching up to do. I haven’t had much spare time lately but I did get some painting done this Fall and early winter.

I participated in two Reaper Miniature Exchanges on the Forums this year, both the Fall and Winter Exchange.  Since I managed to get my Winter Exchange sent out before Christmas I can include it for 2015. For the Fall Exchange I chose to paint Reaper Miniatures Hannah Blackruby sculpted by Werner Klocke. I love this sculpt she is super pretty with a beautiful face. I swapped her wand for a book but otherwise everything is just as it was sculpted. I wanted to try my hand at a darker olive skin tone and I loved it. I hope to use this skintone again soon. Here was the result. (Don’t forget to click on the photo for to make it larger)


For the winter exchange I chose Reaper Miniatures Ghost Bride. Since she is a ghost I wanted to stick to a fairly monochromatic scheme. I used mainly blueish grays and tried to give her dress a bit of textured and old look to the paint work. This also gave me an excuse to practice an odd skintone to give a bit more warmth to her skin I shaded it will a dark pink to separate her skin from the cloth. Here she is on a display base.


And as a gaming piece.


I also accomplished a few more Khador miniatures including Zerkova for a friend’s army and a unit of Doom Reavers for my own. I really had some fun with Zerkova’s base adding some icicles and water effect.

August 2015 PP Zerkova

August 2015 PP Zerkova (4)

Oct 2015 Doom Reaver group

Since 2015 is just about finished. I look forward to a new year of painting in 2016 hopefully with new challenges and fun miniatures to paint. I hope to push the limits of my painting and achieve some beautiful minis next year. Happy Painting everyone and I wish you all a wonderful New Year.

Red Hair Tutorial Part One: Dain Deepaxe

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Over on the Reaper Forums I started a red hair tutorial and thought I would cross post it here as well. I love painting red hair and have done so on a far amount of miniatures. The fun part with any hair color is you can use almost any shade and vary it from mini to mini as real hair has so many different shades and variations naturally even on just one person.

I plan on painting three miniatures with red hair for this tutorial and varying it on each one. Here are the paints I selected for this tutorial.

FullSizeRender (21)

And of course the victims.


This part will be all about Reaper’s Bones Dain Deepaxe 77074. Here is my palette of colors I used on him.

dwarf colors


Bottom row (left to right)

1:1 Brown liner / Auburn Shadow

Auburn Shadow

Carrot Top Red

Middle row (left to right)

1:1 Highlight orange/ Blonde Shadow

Highlight orange

1:1 Auburn Shadow:highlight orange (I mix this up to help blend some transitions)

Top row

Blonde Shadow

Not pictured

Brown liner (step one)

Blonde Hair (final highlight)

I usually mix these up as I go but since I am trying to capture each step I mixed it all at the beginning. To preserve the paint I put a wet sponge on top of the wells I was not using especially since I paused for photos and of course to pet my dogs when they ask for attention.

Step One: For Dain I started with my Brown liner and painted all his hair. I wasn’t as concerned about coverage at this point as you can see in the photo. However I did make sure all the recesses had a good coat with no white showing.

dwarf 1


Step two: Here I took my mix of brown liner/Auburn Shadow and made sure to get a nice even coverage, in the deepest recesses you can still see the brown liner but most of it was covered.

dwarf 2

Step three: Finally he is beginning to look like a red head. I took Auburn Shadow and broadly applied paint to all the surfaces that aren’t in shadow. At this point the only brush I used on him was my synthetic round 2

dwarf 3

Step four: Time for carrot top red. I make sure my paint is the consistency of skim milk at this point and will likely go over an area at least twice sometimes three if I need better coverage. I am still keeping my highlights fairly broad but a bit tighter than the last step. This is the final step I used my round 2 for.

dwarf 4

Step five: This step I switch my brush to my sable round one, and I keep my round 2 close by damp so if I need to feather out some paint with it I can or if I mess up and want to take off some paint I can use it for that as well. I think this step you can really begin to see the highlights taking shape. I took my highlight orange and again just like step four applied the paint carefully where I want it with a few passes until I get the coverage I want.

dwarf 5

At this point sometimes I will feel it is necessary to use a glaze of my Auburn Shadow to hit up transition areas. I define glaze here as a super thin paint almost to wash consistency that I diluted with distilled water that with only a small amount on my brush I apply just where I need to ease the color transition. I did not do a glaze on him I felt overall his hair looks ok without it and I wanted to show how you can get away without it especially for a gaming table top mini.

Step six : I skipped using my highlight orange and blonde shadow mix and went with just my blonde shadow for this step. I could use the mix to ease some transitions but for hair especially beards I think it can work without it. Keeping the highlights much smaller and trying to pick out where I really want my light reflections I used my blonde shadow and again did this a few times until I achieved the proper coverage.

dwarf 6

Step seven: Not a big difference from step six just tighter highlights. I used Blonde hair (sorry I didn’t have it on the palette at the beginning) again thin like skim milk. And carefully applied the highlights on the tops of the areas that the light would hit  the most.

dwarf 7

And that’s it if I was planning to paint him up to a higher standard I would go back and glaze over some of the transitions and possibly revisit the highlights as the glaze would tone them down. But for a fairly simple but effective red head he works, and overall the steps are fairly minimal.

I shall paint the ladies within the next week and let them share the spot light as well. For now goodnight and happy painting.

Home from Gen Con 2015

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Wow, Gen Con was a whirlwind of excitement and fun. Of course we had a blast and wished we could’ve stayed longer, but I am glad to be home. This year was my first year teaching and I hope all my students enjoyed the class, I know I did. I learned from both classes and hope to refine my teaching skills for next year. All my students did quite well painting and I hope to see some emails of finished photos of their minis soon.

All my events I was able to attend (Unfortunately I was a bit ill and had to lighten my schedule a bit to keep up) were great and tons of fun. Here are a couple photos from my speed paints, they are always fun you get a miniature to keep and of course the opportunity to chat with a few other painters while you do it.

speed paint (4)

Speed Paint


I did quite a bit of shopping this year and was able to chat with a  few great people in the vendor hall. As always I had to visit Jim Ludwig in the Dark Sword booth not only to pick up some miniatures but to chat with him and Jessica Rich. I scored all of the new Dark Sword goodness and even a few extras of the Tony Diterlizzi minis while I wait for my kickstarter ones to arrive. And since Tony Diterlizzi was the artist Guest of Honor I was even able to have him sign a couple of the miniature blisters, while I picked up an art print. I brought home lots of loot as you can see.


Oh and I was lucky enough to bring home a few awards as well. This year had so many beautiful miniatures and I feel honored to be among the few who brought home an award. My Dark Sword Euterpe Muse  “Spring of Music” piece was given a Gold and placed 2nd in the Diorama category and also chosen for 2nd place for the Dark Sword Manufacturer award.

Euterpe (4)

Euterpe (5)Euterpe (2)


I also entered my Cathedral of the Forest piece into the Single Figure Category and brought home a Silver.

Cathdral of the Forest

This year was a special year for the painting competition at Gen Con as Marike Reimer put together a special category to support the LGBT community called the Rainbow Brush. The response and support were amazing. It was touching to see the community come together and it was quite clear how much work Marike put into running the event. My own humble entry to the Rainbow Brush was Dark Sword’s Ser Loras painted as Lord Commander of Renly’s Rainbow Guard. He was always awarded a Silver and picked by Marike herself for a Judge’s Choice award for the Rainbow Brush.

Rainbow Brush

Rainbow brush (3)

I feel so lucky to have done so well this year and must Thank everyone who helps organize the competition as well as all the companies who offer prize support. I also thank all the awesome artists who bring amazing miniatures to the show and also so freely offer advice and feedback.

Overall Gen Con was a raging success and I hope to keep in touch with so many people new and old. Can’t wait until next year.

Getting ready for Gen Con 2015

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It’s almost that time of year again. I can’t wait to be back in Indianapolis among friends and fellow gamers. This year is the first I will be running an event, and I am very much looking forward to it. I always fit in time for a least a miniature painting class or two while at Gen Con and decided it is time I give back. So I am running two sessions of a beginners painting class.

Currently both are sold out, however if I have learned anything at Gen Con its that there are always no shows or people who return tickets at the show. So if you were hoping for a beginners miniature painting class bring some generics and stop by I plan to keep the class size small, but if there are no shows I will accept generics. Event information is below.

Thursday 3pm-5pm MHE1572397 Miniature Painting for Beginners and Beyond.

Friday 6pm-8pm MHE1582396 Miniature Painting for Beginners and Beyond.

Also Friday I will have some free time after the class if anyone wants to stop by to chat about miniatures or even find some open table space to paint.

As I finished up some prep work for my classes I took a quick picture of the lovely ladies that we will be working on during my class as well as some basing bits and brushes.

Gen Con


I look forward to be leaving for Indy soon and of course having a blast gaming and painting. See everyone there.

Home from ReaperCon 2015

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I was finally able to make it to ReaperCon and I had a blast. So many awesome people, inspiring artists, fun games and beautiful miniatures.  I wish I had brought a camera but my luggage was already quite hefty so it didn’t make the cut. Please check out for photos of all the entries and of course the awards each painter received. Congratulations to all the painters as everyone did a fantastic job and brought so many awesome minis.


I was most looking forward to the classes I had signed up for with great artists such as Jessica Rich, Justin McCoy, Bob Ridolfi, James Wappell, Derek Shubert, and Michael Proctor. I enjoyed all my classes and learned quite a bit from them.  I hope to soon be able to apply some new techniques on a few new pieces. All of the attendees I met were also awesome and I quite enjoyed meeting so many people from the Reaper forums and making new friends. I wish I had more time to do so much more while I was there but like all Conventions there is only so much one can do. The rest will have to be saved for another year.


I didn’t plan entries too much for this year as I was uncertain I would be able to enter as I had to leave super early Sunday and if pick up times would allow me to enter. Luckily Debbie assured me if I entered I could pick them up Saturday night. So I brought four pieces with me that I entered across three categories. I was very lucky to have each qualify for an award. In total I brought home one gold, two silvers and two manufacturer awards. Quite the honor and I was quite surprised.


My only Gold went to my personal favorite of my pieces “The Secret Garden” featuring Dark Sword’s Stephanie Law’s Erato and Kirin miniature sculpted by Patrick Keith. I decided to enter her into the open category as I wanted the base to be considered in the scoring. I spent quite a bit of time making her base and trellis. The miniature itself I added a few flowers to her hair and two more leaves. I was stunned when she earned me a Gold in the Open Category. Then I was speechless when I was bestowed the Dark Sword Best in Show Manufacturer award. There were so many beautiful Dark Sword entries at the show and I am honored that she was selected.  Here are some photos of the piece and closeups of Erato. (Please click for full size)




IMG_3287 IMG_3288

I entered two miniatures into the Painter’s Category and my “Waiting for Prince Charming” Reaper Miniature’s Sleeping beauty sculpted by Julie Guthrie earned a silver. This piece began as a practice piece for sheer cloth and I quite liked the outcome so gave her a display base with a few critters.

sleeping beauty (2) sleeping beauty sleeping beauty (4)


My second painters entry was a DGS Freeblade fire wizard. I painted him up for my husband to use as his Red Robe Wizard of High Sorcery for our Dragonlance campaign. Since Sleeping Beauty was selected to judge for the category he didn’t earn a medal. However he was selected as the DGS Freeblade Best of Show manufacturer award to my surprise. I quite enjoyed painting him up even though red is not usually a color I would choose for a competition figure, but since he will be used for gaming I needed him in red robes. Here are a few shots including a closeup of his face.

wizard (2)

wizard (3)


And lastly my final piece was Reaper Miniature’s Space Mouslings Diorama “Tenta Squeal, Tenta Squeek, Tenta Kill”. This was a fun little piece I put together right before the convention. I was quite happy that they brought me home my second silver.

mouslings (4) mouslings


Overall the show was a blast. I learned alot, enjoyed meeting so many inspiring painters of all levels, and was able to see amazing miniatures up close. I would recommend any miniature lover or painter to attend if possible. I hope I can make it back soon. Thank you to all the people who helped make ReaperCon happen and a special Thank you to all the artists teaching classes and judging. I imagine it would be quite demanding and challenging and everyone was great. To all the people who personally spent time chatting with me thank you as you all are what makes the miniature painting community so special. Hope to see some of you at Gen Con.


A few Random Reaper Minis

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I have been working on painting more this year and to assist with this I have joined the Resolution Challenge on the Reaper Forums. So far it has really helped me paint more miniatures this year. even if a few are quick paint jobs or speed paints.

I thought I would share a few that I accomplished this year so far the first is Reaper Miniature’s Pathfinder Kirin the Heretic. I painted him up for a friend’s character in our current RPG. Since he is likely to get beat up a bit on the table I painted him fairly quickly but overall am happy with the result considering the time invested. I gave his base a bit of flair and added a piece of broken wall he is a rogue after all and hides quite a bit. (click image for full size)

Reaper Kirin Feb 2015 (2)


Then during a board game night my gaming group challenged me to speed paint a mini while playing five tribes and to make it a bit sweeter if I managed it and also won the game my DM said he would give us a level bonus.

So I figured why not I washed him in some soap and water, dried him off and got to painting. To my surprise I did manage to win the game by about 35 points. Not to mention now our wizard will have a painted figure for his character.

Without further ado here is Kieran Tallowmire a fun bones mini with lots of detail. He has a little over 2 hours in him, although I easily could’ve spent much more to clean him up a bit and pick out more details. I am looking forward to picking up his upcoming metal release and taking my time painting him again.

Bones Wizard Jan 2015

And lastly I speed painted some bugbears as well recently. I received my Bones II from Reaper’s Kickstarter and went to sorting out the monsters first. Of course once I finished sorting them I had to get a start on at least some of them. So I washed up the bugbears and painted all six in about 4 hours. They are certainly not terribly pretty and since they are bones I left the mold lines, but now we have a fair amount of painted bugbears for future encounters. I must say I am quite happy with the quality of their sculpts overall and they are easy speed paints.

Bones Bugbears Feb 2015

The Butcher Unleashed, Another Faction Begins

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Another year another faction. This year we have chosen Khador to start a small list for. With the new Khador All in One Army boxes release, I figured it was time to paint up a caster for them.  What better way to start an army then with an Epic Warcaster Unit. Here is my version of Orsus Zoktavir, The Butcher Unleashed.

butcher unit (2)

These guys were fun to paint up and gave me an excuse to practice the color red. I pushed the shadows of the red almost to pure Exile Blue in the deepest shadows and highlighted it up to an orange red.

Here are a few closeups of the individual models. (click on photos for full size)

butcher (2)


butcher war dog (3)

butcher war dog (5)


Now to paint up some more and field them on the battlefield. I can’t wait to see how they play.

Exchange pieces (Privateer Press Secret Santa and Reaper Fall Exchange)

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I had previously posted my dwarf King Thorgram that I had painted and sent out to Fishnjeeps of the Reaper Forum, so to follow up I wanted to take time to post what I received from both Exchanges this year and what I sent out for the Privateer Press one.

I’ll start with my piece for the Secret Santa. My recipient listed one mini that he would like from Santa, Una the Falconer. She is a beautiful Circle of Orboros sculpt which I plan to add to my army as well in the future. This mini was a bit challenging as she has so much detail packed on a tiny sculpt, and I wanted to paint her in a Winter theme in the spirit of the exchange. The final scheme is something I quite like for Circle even though I myself started mine with green, purple and bits of gold. I may paint up a small point force in this alternate winter scheme some day for myself.

Without further ado here are the photos I took before sending her off. (Please click on photo to view in full size)

photo_1 (10)

photo_2 (10)

photo_3 (7)

To my surprise I received Initiate Tristan Durant for my Menoth army with a bit of Christmas flair.

photo_5 (4)

From the Reaper Exchange Fishnjeeps also was kind enough to send two miniatures my way and some other small gifts as well.

exchange stuff

Both minis I intend to put to use on the game table soon. Here are some closeups of both miniatures.

dwarf frt wizard frt

Dixie Lost Glimmer of Hope Under a Small Mossy Rock – Commission Piece

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After posting my first Stonehaven Gnome Wizard a fellow gamer asked me if I would paint another for his Forest Gnome Illusionist. I quite enjoyed painting this fellow up the first time and his character was so awesome I just had to paint one to bring Dixie to life for him. I need to Thank his new owner Chris for all his ideas and inspiration as without them Dixie would not have turned out as awesome as he did.

Working on this piece was a joy the entire way through from brainstorming with Chris on color and base ideas to finishing up all the final details to really make him pop. This tiny miniature has loads of character and finishing up a second only made me want another for myself. This time I had a bit more room with his base and was able to add a little squirrel made by Reaper Miniatures and of course as his name suggests some moss covered rocks.

The base really helped this tiny figure shine and allowed me to add a bunch of interesting details making him look all the more as if he is standing in the middle of lush forest.

Without further ado here are some of the pictures I took of Dixie before sending him on his long trek to Canada. Be sure to click on them to view full size.




side 1

side view

Expect to see more of Dixie as I shall be using his beard Work in Progress for part of my hair tutorial that I plan on writing up after the Holidays.  Thank you to Stonehaven for making this awesome little gnome sculpt and of course again to Chris who allowed me to bring his character to life and inspired me to paint this version of him.

Dark Sword’s Stephanie Law Masterworks Miniature Range Kickstarter

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I wanted to take the time to share Dark Sword’s newest Kickstarter for a beautiful line of miniatures. If you are a miniature lover or a fan of Stephanie Law’s artwork go check it out there are lots of awesome miniatures unlocked and it is an incredible deal. Dark Sword’s owner Jim Ludwig always gives back to the miniature hobby community. If you can please give back to him as he is an awesome person with a wonderful miniature line and I hope to see it grow as much as possible.

I can’t wait to get my hands on these and try my hand at painting them up. Don’t delay if you’re interested there are only a few days left.